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How To Write A Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay can be an enjoyable experience, especially considering the fact that this is one of the most creative essay styles. With the descriptive essay, you have the opportunity to put your vocabulary to good use as you describe a person, place, thing, or event. The writing you create needs to be so engaging and well written that your readers will be able to experience the event as if they were actually there. In order to successful write a descriptive essay, it is helpful to understand the essay format you need to use.

  • 1. Similar Essay Formats
  • The format that you use for your descriptive essay is similar to most other essay formats. Even if you have no idea how to write a descriptive essay, if you have written a persuasive or informative essay, you can use those same writing skills to complete your descriptive piece. As with every essay, you need to include an introduction, body, and conclusion. These sections will need to include properly focused paragraphs with interesting sentences that can interestingly describe the topic you choose.

  • 2. Brainstorm Before Writing
  • As with every essay, it is best to begin with a brainstorming session. With a descriptive essay, your brainstorming should include developing a list of descriptive words and phrases you might consider using. While you are brainstorming, you should not edit your thinking. Every idea that comes to mind should be recorded on paper or on your computer screen. If you get stuck, you can always turn to the Internet for an online thesaurus to help you continue. Once you have exhausted your brainstorming, the next step is to write an outline. Too many students neglect this step and they tend to forget important parts of their essays.

  • 3. Craft an Outline
  • Your descriptive essay needs to have an introduction. Even though the entire essay needs to have creative description, the introduction is the part of the essay that needs to grab the reader’s attention with strong descriptive words and phrases. Many good descriptive essays will begin with interesting quotes from famous people, powerful anecdotes, or unusual statistics. The hook then leads into some background information that will lead into the thesis. This part of the introduction will help the reader understand what your description will prove.

  • 4. Attention-Getting Introduction
  • After you have crafted an interesting and attention-getting introduction, you then begin the body of the essay. This part of the essay will involve several paragraphs that paint a strong picture of the topic you are describing. Each paragraph will focus on a specific aspect of your topic.

  • 5. Interesting Body Paragraphs
  • If you really are struggling with how to write a descriptive essay, you can organize your body paragraphs by describing the person, place, thing, or event; then, describe the surroundings, and finally describe the emotions or sensations that accompany the topic. You can use three paragraphs or several to accomplish this format. These paragraphs should vividly describe your topic using active verbs instead of “to be” verbs that provide no description at all. They should include the mood surrounding the topic and the atmosphere of the setting itself. Your readers should be able to engage their senses with the descriptions that you provide. Each paragraph should have some connection back to the thesis and you should also feel free to include allusions, similes, and metaphors that help the reader full visualize and experience your topic.

  • 6. Close Up the Essay Properly
  • Lastly, the conclusion should restate the most important parts of your descriptive essay. There should always be a connection back to the original thesis, but written in new words.

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