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What Are The Social, Economic, And Cultural Consequences Of The Plague?

The plague created widespread chaos as many people experienced abrupt disruptions to their livelihoods. Many people had a hard time living each day due to limited resources being available and people fleeing the area. Others believed it was an act of God and began fighting against it with prayer. Society saw dramatic changes that left scars and wounds on people, the economy and cultures that were affected. For many people this was the reason for the saying that people should eat, drink and be merry as you don’t know when your last day on earth may be.

The plague continues to baffle researchers as so many things happened all at one time. The aspects of faith and religion came to a standstill when many clergy were wiped out when prayer was not available to help cure the ill or prevent death. The economy took a hard hit as it became difficult to produce goods with limited materials. Prices rose sky high for services and products especially when they are imported. So many people got sick from the plague it was difficult to find people able to work, even when news spread they were increasing wages hoping to entice more people.

The economy saw drastic changes that were necessary in order to earn profit. The standard of living was raised because high wages exceeded the production of products. People had conflicts with each other and it often depended on their social standing. People started revolting when changes were attempted by the aristocracy. At this time Europe’s economic and social structure was changed forever. There are events from this time period that many are still learning to understand while others wonder if this really happened at all despite evidence.

The events of the plague were tragic during the 1300s. Many people in current society claim they could not imagine anyone living through such a troubled time. There are yet so many questions that continue to get asked such as how and why this happened, and what happened to the people that fled the area. Some wonder if humans had an effect on why this happened and whether would it happen again. Others think certain forms of it may have happened but it may not have been as widespread as it was in Europe.

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