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Child Abuse Creates Monsters In Today's Society

For years now, psychologists and psychiatrists have been studying what causes some of the problems that society has today. Every year, the crime rate goes up, and experts want to know what can be done to make it go down, which leads to thinks like more law enforcement being hired, and tougher sentences for those that commit crime. However, is that really the solution to crime? Is hiring more law enforcement really going to make a difference or should the solution to high crime start within the framework of the family? The fact is that studies are showing that child abuse is the key factor that creates some of the deviants that commit crime.

Child abuse can teach children that violence is the solution to everything, and they grow up, still thinking that violent behavior is the way to handle everything. Studies have shown that victims of child abuse continue the violent cycle, which leads to arrests for criminal behavior.

For those that have suffered from abuse while growing up, it can have a horrible effect on their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Studies have shown that some women, who were abused, end up with men that may be abusive to them as well, and they may end up abusing drugs to escape the torment of their lives.

One of the biggest studies being conducted is those involving some of the most famous murderers in the world. There have been many men and women who ended up in prison for the rest of their lives, or were execute for their crimes. However, when psychologists and psychiatrists went back over their past histories, they discovered that some of them had been the victims of abuse or came from a home that was riddled with domestic violence. The abuse these men and women suffered made them not develop normally, and that abnormal development lead them to commit atrocious crimes because they felt nothing, or found a very unhealthy way to express the anger, hatred, and resentment they were feeling.

Studies are going on even to this day that are all about child abuse, and show that children that were abused end up growing into adults that may end up abusing those around them or turning to a life of crime. Some of the most dangerous criminals in society today may have end up being abused as kids, and these studies are only proving how if child abuse were to come to an end, society would be a much better place.

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