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Economic effects of marine ecosystem degradation - Essay Example

It is said the value of what one has is not truly recognized until it is lost. Similar is the case with the beautiful marine ecosystems that we take for granted as is evidenced by the detrimental activities people are involved in nowadays. Economic impacts associated with such activities if not controlled will have far reaching consequences.

The unique and productive characteristics of coastal areas and the deep seashould be cherished but hardly is that being done. Corporations and businessmen in the hunger of gaining power and larger profits do not consider the implications of degradation on these ecosystems; not even economic ones that might affect them directly.

Building of dams and quarries lead to improper distribution of sediment input to coastal areas which results in erosion of soil and mainly beaches in that area. It is a common known fact that beaches add a lot of scenic value to a particular area and are major attractors of tourists. Damage to this environment will lead to reduced tourism having major adverse effects on the economy.

Similarly increases in technology within the fishing industry have equipped businessmen with new ways of catching fish. Such innovative methods have driven traditional fishermen using traditional fish trap out of the market reducing their incomes. If continued these activities will affect processors as well as suppliers who are dependent for employment and income on the fishing industry. Where a few businessmen have achieved greater profits, the masses on the other hand have experienced a contrasting fate.

Finally an issue affecting the marine ecosystem that almost everyone is aware of is global warming. The rapid increase in floods and storms all over the world is an indication of lower ice caps and increased sea level. These catastrophes have inflicted massive damages to areas wherever they have struck resulting in millions worth of cost. The already suffering economy must then bear even more during the rehabilitation phase. Marine ecosystems just like every other part of nature should be appreciated and looked after. Sadly only a handful of people are actually doing that and not everyone understands the situation completely. If corrective measures are not taken the damage done might go beyond repair. Safeguarding this blessing our responsibility and it is high time we acted accordingly.

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