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Why Romance Of The Middle Ages Use Supernatural Entities

In the contemporary world, supernatural entities such as ghosts are associated with evil and wickedness. However, a walk down the memory lane shows that this has not always been the case. For instance, at some point in history, supernatural entities were a part of human life, and in some instances, the supernatural entities were even romanticized. Looking back in retrospect, people living in the modern times would be forced to question the rationale behind the use of supernatural entities in romance. Although it may seem odd in the modern times, the use of supernatural entities in romantic stories was inspired by the need to tell stories that related to the events of that time and by the need to explore the creativity aspect of storytelling.

In the medieval times, there was a strong belief in the existence of supernatural beings and supernatural power. For instance, people from all walks of life could take part in rituals such as communicating with the dead and raising the spirits of the dead. This was a common practice even for the educated. At the same time, the fantasy stories shared during that period had an element of supernatural beings. For instance, in the ancient Greece, legends had stories of mortal maids pursued by Zeus, the Greek god. Consequently, the writers of this generation took it upon themselves to record this important component of culture in their literature.

The second important element, which inspired the use supernatural entities in romantic stories, was creativity. The use of supernatural entities gave the writers the freedom to experiment with diverse characters because supernatural beings were not confined to the same boundaries as human characters. For example, a supernatural lover could be associated with abduction, which ordinarily would be frowned upon in human characters. Therefore, the use of supernatural characters gave the writers a degree of freedom to deviate from the norm.

In conclusion, the middle ages used supernatural entities for a number of reasons: one, the writers were inspired to include supernatural entities in their romantic stories because the world then believed in the existence of supernatural beings and supernatural powers. Additionally, the myths, legends, and folklores of that generation featured supernatural entities. Secondly, the use of supernatural entities in romantic stories gave the writers a certain level of freedom to explore their content. All these elements explain the prevalent use of supernatural entities in romantic stories during the middle ages.

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