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Review of: The End of The New World Order By Seumas Milne

The tragic incident of 9/11 changes the United States, as a nation, entirely. No one could remotely think that it would happen with United States. United States wages a global war against terrorism after that. New military alliances are formed and strategy of pre-emptive strike is adopted. United States attacks Iraq and ousts Saddam’s regime. At the same time US military is directly engaged with ‘Al-qaida’ and ‘Talibans’ in Afghanistan. United States spent hundreds of billions of dollars, in an effort to dismantle the terrorist network. America has considerable success over the years but is unable to destroy them completely. It is now getting even harder to control terrorism and proliferation of nuclear technology which may lead to a greater threat not only for America but for the entire world. My goal is to prove that United States of America can keep its super power status only by controlling its internal financial debt.

The US economy has taken its toll for supporting and leading an international coalition against war on terror. Its economy is in dire straights now. Inflation touches the new heights, unemployment rises and yet the results are encouraging but not desirable. Europe, the largest trading partner and the most important ally in the war against terrorism, is going through a tough economic recession. Greece, Italy and now Cypress have asked International Monetary Fund (IMF) for its help and have introduced bail out packages. Spain is merely surviving and trying to avoid the similar situation. On the other hand, China has emerged as an economic power that has shifted the trade balance in her favor. Besides China, new emerging markets like India are offering fierce competition to American manufacturers and service oriented businesses. To get out of the hole, United States government has to reshape its regional policies and redefine its priorities. If it looses its AAA ratings, as predicted by financial analysts, then it will damage the reputation across the economic world as the leader.

United States is against any nuclear program or expansion especially in Iran and North Korea. Both countries are reiterating their commitment, despite of broad range embargo and economic sanctions, to enhance their nuclear current capabilities. North Korea has just tested a long range missile that actually threatens American sovereignty.

In the wake of new challenges that United States faces in the 21st Century, any weakness on its end, financial or military wise can hamper global security and development. The deep budget cuts and reducing government expenditures including international aid to its allies, developmental programs and other administrative expenditures undermines its standings as a sole super power of the world.

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