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Powerful essay topics about the American dream

You often hear the term, wanting to live the American dream.  Usually, you hear about it when someone comes from the bottom of the barrel and rises to the top of their situation.  They have goals they have reached that they wouldn’t have been able to do without being a part of the nation and ideals of America.  You hear about it when you hear of a success story.  What is it exactly though?  It’s the result of living and succeeding in life.  Yet, that is not the true definition.  It’s equality, democracy, and experiencing freedom with the ability to grasp prosperity in the country.  The true definition can lead to success, and is a result of what the American dream really is.

Equality Does Make the Dream Possible

Equality most definitely exists here in America as the system is set up; all people are noted as equals.  Americans are a people that are governed by the people and for the people.  It is one of the founding principles and what built the country of America.  It’s through the ideals of freedom and equality of the people that one can achieve living the American dream.  During the act of living to the fullest, one can experience the ideal of success through being free to find prosperity in life.  Whether one starts at the top or the bottom, everyone has the chance to find the walk of equal opportunities that exist for all.

How Does Democracy Work in the Dream?

Simply stated, democracy is a government run by the people.  It’s a society in which equality through rights and political as well as social balance has the chance to exist.  Democracy is worked through the people having the right to choose who will represent their ideals.  These ideals are the same as what every American has the right to hold.  It’s a freedom of the people to find a way to govern themselves and not be ruled by a single monarch.  One could not experience the opportunity to prosper through living the American dream if they were to live it without a balance of democracy.

The key element of the American dream is freedom.  Each American has the right to live and chase down the chance to live their dream.  It’s granted through the equality each American is given as a part of the country. We can search out and find our American dream and have a chance to make it happen.

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