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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Throughout your academic life you have to write essays of a different nature, one of these types of essays can be an argumentative essay. As the name would suggest, you are trying to argue a point. You are not just giving the reader some information about the topic but trying to convince them of one side or another of the argument with valid reasons.

Picking the right topic or title

When you are picking an argument to write about it is best that the topic includes conflicting issues of some sort that you can argue about. Ideally, you want a topic that might stir strong emotions about the different sides of the debate; although you want to debate it is logically as possible as detached from emotion as can be.

Writing the introduction

Having picked a topic that you want to write about you need to write the introduction. The introduction should include what it is that your idea is about and potentially give some idea of which side of the argument you wish to take. For example, if you arguing that the Internet has resulted in fewer people reading books then you might say something to that effect but also bring a little bit more detail, such as saying when the Internet became popular, as in the mid to late 90s and how book sales may have potentially decreased since then.

Writing the main body

In the body you want to take both sides of the argument, not just the one that you are arguing for. Therefore, you want to think of good reasons for both sides as to whether or not your argument is true. For example, in terms of the Internet reducing how much people read, you could argue that book sales may have fallen anyway and find a good reasons for this. If there are any reasons such as magazine sales increasing then you can include this as well or you could suggest on the reverse side the book sales decreased reading has not been how much people read as the reading material now comes from the Internet directly.

It is also worth noting reasons about arguments that aren’t necessarily directly involved with either side, for example, you could claim it is not necessarily the Internet that has reduced reading but all other forms of media such as television, computer games and anything else that might have had an effect, blaming it on just one thing is not necessarily correct.

The conclusion

Having gathered all your evidence and written a logical argument, you then want to conclude the essay based on the evidence in the main body. Therefore, the main body should be leading up to this conclusion and should give an impression of one side or the other of the argument being more correct. The conclusion should be drawn from the rest of the essay and shouldn’t include any new details.

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